What People are saying

School Administrators & Staff

The Kids have taken ownership of their school and the new look has created hope for our kids, our staff, and our families. 

Victor C. - Principal at Burns Latino

This is by far the best program we've ever had a Burns Latino.  I can't believe how much color has transformed our school and our community.

Maribel C. -  Assistant Principal at Burns Latino

The students are doing a great job, I really wanted to introduce an innovative idea to the curriculum to help engage our students. Let’s Paint! is a perfect fit.

John G. -  Principal REACH

Let's Paintprovided our students with a wonderful real life work experience with a practical application. Each day the students took even more pride in their work. 

Heather V. -  Hartford Public School Counselor 




I love coming to Let's Paint!  It is just so much fun.  I have had perfect attendance...I don't want to miss a day. 

Alondra, 7th grade Student Participant

Every day I come home and tell my mom what we did in Let's Paint!   I am so proud of what we've done.  I've been here since I was 5 years old and it [the school] was white and boring. Now,  we have transformed the school.

Marisol, 7th grade Student Participant

After I graduated from Let's Paint!...I painted my bedroom, my sister's bedroom and my mom's bedroom!

Yarimar, 8th grade Student Participant

I learned about the W-2 form and what it's for. I wouldn't have known how to do the W-2 form if I didn't learn how to do it through Let's Paint!

Sully, 10th grade Student Participant


I think my son learned a lot of life skills he would not have learned in the classroom.

Shane, Mother of "Sully"

My son loved the program.  It gave him a new way to shine.

Liz, Mother of "Ant"




It was a lot of fun talking and working with the students 

Polo, Volunteer

I've painted a few times with the students and I really enjoyed it.  The program is very organized and it really easy to come out for a few hours. 

Suretha, Volunteer