Promising Results

We've done programming for 2 years. As such, we can't claim that every student has gotten a job and is prepared because most aren't even old enough to get one! However, we do observe and measure for content acquisition and improvements in specific work-related skills.

Thru project-based learning students gain observed skills in:

  • Teamwork 
  • Trying new tasks
  • Leadership
  • Personal responsibility for self
  • Following directions
  • Accepting positive feedback and correction
  • Positive group behavior
  • Carrying on a conversation with a volunteer he/she just met
  • Speaking in front of a group

Students also learn thru work-related coursework on:

  • How to complete a job application
  • How to interview effectively
  • How to complete a W-2
  • Behaviors that could get one fired
  • Personal hygiene
  • Sexual harassment
  • Appropriate language in the workplace
  • Appropriate attire in the  workplace

Teacher Assessments show that Let's Paint! students:

  • Show more confidence in the classroom
  • Don't give up as quickly on challenging tasks
  • Are more willing to try new things
  • Show pride in accomplishment
  • Have lengthened attention span
  • Participate better in class discussions
  • Better manage their anger

Let's Paint! Results to Date

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