CCEA Hartford Launches ” Let’s Chat” Classroom Initiative

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According to research, the ability to connect life in school with life outside of school has a huge impact on students’ engagement in their education. If students understand that school has meaning and purpose, it can make a world of difference in their level of engagement and purpose. When students feel their work is relevant to the “real” world, their lives and their future, they become more curious, show more initiative and improve their analytical skills.

While Hartford Public Schools should be lauded for increasing high school graduation rates to 71% from 29% in 2006, Hartford still trails behind the statewide graduation rate of 85.5%. The Capital City Education Alliance (CCEA Hartford) wants to help more kids realize the importance of graduating thru their “Let’s Chat” program.

The goal of “Let’s Chat” is to help Hartford area schools identify guests who are willing to talk to students about their profession, vocation or even a hobby that has income generating potential well above minimum wage. The “Let’s Chat” program will hopefully improve this process by matching potential guests to relevant subject matter or career exploration opportunities.

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