Broken to Beautiful

Broken to Beautiful, is a social enterprise with two age groups -  Juniors (12-17 years of age) and Seniors (18-21 years of age) - that helps develop effective work skills.  These skills translate into better academic performance along with better preparedness for a job.


The Broken to Beautiful Junior (B2BJr) program works with youth ages 11-17 who build and maintain a relationship with the Capital City Education Alliance Program (CCEA) staff.  Positive Youth Development theory says that one of the major factors for individual success is an ongoing relationship with a caring adult.  At CCEA, our B2BJr forge strong ties to our staff and we’d like to stay connected with them to help them transition and find their way through middle and high school.

At B2BJr, students learn to creatively paint wooden crates (for records, bookshelves, etc.) and chairs for resale.  The program  continues to hone their painting skills while building on the workforce readiness skills already learned in Let’s Paint!  In addition, students learn how to run a business, and the associated careers/jobs,  by developing a marketable product.

If you'd like to showcase our work in your office or sell it in your retail environment, please contact Sarah.




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The Broken to Beautiful Senior (B2BSr) program works with older youth ages 18-21 who may be disengaged or disconnected from their community, school or homes. B2BSr helps the senior youth meet their obligations to judges, probation officers, case managers and other referring entities, thus avoiding further penetration into the system. B2BSr also includes assistance with part-time employment, community service and connections with appropriate community resources. Through B2BSr, disengaged and disconnected youth expand their horizons and get inspired to set and achieve new goals.

B2BSr  teaches our older youth age appropriate workforce readiness skills while they transform old, wooden furniture into something "beautiful" to sell.  The benefit of using paint is that is helps to showcase proof that hard work pays off, quality matters, and meeting the needs of the potential buyers is important while providing a sense of pride, immediate gratification, and accomplishment.  This success builds more success in our youth.

While working on their furniture, our youth learn all the types of jobs/careers associated with a business - marketing, sales, operations, Human Resources, supply and inventory  management, etc.  Not only does this broaden their scope of  potential careers, but they practice these areas so they can determine if they have some interest in further pursuing.

A typical youth will work with us for a period of 3 months, but it may be longer, if skills still need development. We work to place the youth in jobs or into an area certificate program to enhance their employability credentials in an area of interest.

Agencies who would like to refer youth to Broken to Beautiful Senior should contact Sarah.

Please consider getting involved! We always welcome tutors, mentors and professionals willing to talk about their careers to help our students excel in all aspects of their life.  Please contact Sarah if you would like to tutor, mentor, or speak about your career.

We are always looking for furniture donations for our senior program, if you are cleaning out a room in your home.  We only want furniture that is quality wood, not manufactured or veneered.  Please note we currently do not have the ability to pick up very large items (i.e. won't fit in an SUV), but are happy to accept something you can deliver.

Please contact Sarah, if you have furniture for us.