Transforming Places
Transforming Students

In our signature program, Let’s Paint! we inspire and empower teens in a painting beautification and community service project at their school, community center, or outdoor scape.  Our project-based approach helps the students build the skills, character and drive needed to attain personal success. We use commercial painting as our vehicle to teach many essential skills students need to succeed in life.  Through civic engagement, we help students feel more connected to, proud and invested in their community.

We’ve already completed projects at Pope Park Highway, the Boys and Girls Club of Hartford, and Burns Latino Studies Academy in the South End, and REACH High School in West Hartford. Check them out below!  The CCEA is excited to help inspire teens to have a pride in themselves, their schools, and their communities through these exciting projects.

Please consider getting involved! Every other Saturday (while projects are running), we invite individuals and teams to share a few hours painting with the students, allowing our students to practice their skills and learn about other possible professions. Current available Volunteer opportunities will start up again in October 2017.

Each Tuesday, we also invite corporate or other organizational teams who can take a few hours out of their work or school day to paint side-by-side with our students to share their professions and how they got to where they are today.  Be a part of Let’s Paint!

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See the details of each transformation project and the test results from our students with the links below the images.

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